This is Buzz Self Love

We’re on a mission to normalise pleasure, have open conversations and foster unapologetic, shame-free and spine-tingling self love.
Why did we ever think that masturbation was a “dirty” word?

Like many, we were born into a system of sexual taboo. A system where the boys learnt about condoms and wet dreams, and the girls learnt about tampons and abstinence. The “birds and the bees” had a single message – making babies. 

Sex? Refrain from it.  
Pleasure? Don’t talk about it. 
Class dismissed.

Isn’t it time we rewrite the script?
Come with us, as we shake off the taboo and society’s sexual slant.
Because here’s the thing: The human body has evolved to experience pleasure. There’s overwhelming research to say that orgasms are healthy – here to lower stress, improve immunity and boost intimacy. 

As humans, we have an innate desire for liberation, spontaneity and pleasure, it’s ingrained into our being. 

Now take a step back and ask yourself, why the heck is that so taboo? 

At Buzz Self Love, we’re questioning our social conditioning, having open conversations and experiencing shame-free fun along the way.

Wherever you are on your sexual wellness journey and whatever intimacy looks like for you – we’re here for it. 

Lanchi x